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Hi, I’m Ravini ,a busy mom of 3 beautiful kids and the founder of “Kim & Em”.

Kim & Em is an Australian owned women’s online clothing store focused on bringing quality, trendy and affordable styles to women in all shapes to make them feel their best. All the brands at Kim & Em are designed in Australia.

Kim & Em started as a dream I had for so many years even before I became a mom, a dream & a love I had for beautiful prints, colors and gorgeous styles. When I became a mom, lack of stylish breastfeeding clothes made me more into this journey. And I know how important it is to be able to breastfeed easily but feel nice in what you are wearing. Therefore when I pick items I make sure to have a range of styles along with items easy to breastfeed but can be worn by anyone.

My mission is to solve your wardrobe dilemmas by finding you the perfect stunning styles, gorgeous prints, brands you love for a price you can afford.

Everything in Kim & Em is handpicked just for you. Therefore a lot of time & effort goes into selecting the best styles & brands.

 From casual wear to office wear, from nursing wear to party wear, we have you sorted out with flattering shapes with colorful prints.

So join in, find your perfect dress for every occasion with Kim & Em and I hope you love what is in store for you.


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We provide best quality garments selected with lot of love, time & effort.

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Our aim is to bring you stylish modern garments that are affordable to any one.

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